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SEKKU is the most popular festival for children in Japan!!

What is SEKKU festival?

"SYOUGATSU SEKKU": The festival on New Year's day.

  • The special items are "HAMAYUMI" and "HAGOITA". "HAMAYUMI" is decoration of a bow (bows) and arrows and is displayed for boys.
  • "HAGOITA" is a battledore and is for girls.They are for decoration and they are delicate, so don't play with them.

"MOMO-NO-SEKKU":The festival on Girl's day, March 3.

  • "MOMO NO SEKKU" is one of the most poplar festival in Japan. It is called "HINA MATSURI". And special items are "HINA-NINGYOU" for it.
  • "HINA-DOUGU" portlay traditional doll furniture for wedding celemony of imperial family. So it is inportant for Hina Dolls.

"TANGO-NO-SEKKU": The festival on Boy's day, May 5.

  • People display a set of a helmet and in the house for boy for "TANGO NO SEKKU". It is called "KODOMO NO HI" in Japan.
  • Carp streamer also rase outside "KODOMO-NO-HI". The carp swims up stream changes into a dragon, so it represents a success and glows.
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Traditionally Japanese people put items for each Sekku festival.

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