Hanging scroll of a dragon

Byakui kan-non is on the dragon

Code: hng-scrl_d5-040

Dragon Kakejiku
  • SIZE: width 44.5cm, height 164cm
  • JIKU-SAKI: Pottery
  • CHU-MAWASHI: Rakusai-Donsuhyoso
  • BOX: Paper box
  • ......ABOUT HYOSO
    The original picture of this one is drawn by Ishida Houen.
  • It is a reproduction of his works by a giclee which is a one of a great technique for making the real picture.
  • The frame is made from Rakusai Donsu.
  • This natural purplish gray frame is bringing out the white god, the gold and gray color of dragon and the quiet yellow of air.
  • Notice:

    Our products are not hand painted because you can easy to get brand-new ones. It is made from GICLEE techniques.

  • People believe the dragon is bringing the rain and help people from a drought.

  • One of the famous Buddhist scripture for Zen-Syu.

  • The Goddess of Mercy Kan-non is wearing white cloth and standing on the dragon.
  • Kan-non is Also the eyes on the people.

  • The ball of Nyoihouju means a luck with money

  • Gold clouds means giving an eternal youth that is appearing with the dragon
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