Hanging scroll of a dragon

White tiger and a blue dragon of Four gods are inviting fortune.

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Dragon Kakejiku
  • SIZE: width 44.5cm, height 164cm
  • JIKU-SAKI: Pottery
  • CHU-MAWASHI: Rakusai-Donsuhyoso
  • BOX: Paper box
  • ......ABOUT HYOSO
    The original picture of this one is drawn by Mogi Soun.It is a reproduction of his works by a giclee which is a one of a great technique for making the real picture. The frame is made from Rakusai Donsu. This natural quiet brown frame is bringing out the colorful picture.


    Our products are not hand painted because you can easy to get brand-new ones. It is made from GICLEE techniques.

  • Four gods of animals means Seiryu, Byakko, Genbu and Suzaku.
  • Seiryu means a blue dragon, Byakko means a white tiger,
  • Genbu means black turtle, and Suzaku means red phoenix..
  • People believe the dragon is bringing the rain and help people from a drought.

    Tiger is the one of the four gods of animals, it is protecting people from the west evil.

    a black turtle and a red phoenix are from four gods.

    The red Mt.Fuji means a luck with money.

  • They are 7gods who are the ones of the popular.
  • You can find a good luck things in Japan Shou-chiku-bai here.

    Shou:Matsu means a Japanese pine tree.

  • It doesn't drop leaves a whole year, so it means human's long life.
  • Chiku:Take means a bamboo.

  • It is growing up early, so it means improving the life.
  • Bai:Ume means plum flowers.

  • It bloom in early spring, so it is a symbol of Spring.
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