Hanging scroll of a dragon

Tiger and dragon are in a loud crash of thunder.

Code: hng-scrl_d5-036

Dragon Kakejiku
  • SIZE: width 44.5cm, height 164cm
  • JIKU-SAKI: Pottery
  • CHU-MAWASHI: Rakusai-Donsuhyoso
  • BOX: Paper box
  • ......ABOUT HYOSO
    The original picture of this one is drawn by Etoh Soujun. It is a reproduction of his works by a giclee which is a one of a great technique for making the real picture. The frame is made from Rakusai Donsu. This natural quiet brown frame is bringing out the colorful picture.


    Our products are not hand painted because you can easy to get brand-new ones. It is made from GICLEE techniques.

    tiger and dragon


    People believe the dragon is bringing the rain and help people from a drought.


    Tiger is the one of the four gods of animals, it is protecting from the west evil.

    Mt Fuji

    The red Mt.Fuji means a luck with money.

    Gold cloud

    Gold clouds means giving an eternal youth.

    Gplden ball

    The ball of Nyoihouju and Mt.Fuji have the meaning are almost the same.


    Thunder is giving water to the people.

    bumboo leaves

    Bamboo is growing up early, so it means improving the life.


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